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“Dr. Rhiannon Clauss has gone above and beyond to help me and my family. I am so thankful for Dr. Rhiannon. I highly recommend her!”



“Dr. Rhiannon has been so flexible with scheduling appointments. Having her in my life has definitely made a positive difference. My back has never felt so good while pregnant! She is a migraine and pregnant mama guru! I highly recommend this kid-friendly and positive office!”



“I’m so thankful to have Rhiannon as my chiropractor! I was in so much back pain today from an injury and she was so helpful and kind. She fit me right in and adjusted me. I drove an hour and twenty minutes to go back to her even though I moved at the beginning of the summer. I was so thankful I could count on her. She gave me great care and some great advice about home care as well. She was my saviors today! Thank you thank you thank you. Go see her. She is awesome!”



“Love this place and the staff! CDFC was recommended to me by a friend for my colicky baby and Dr. Rhiannon has helped us immensely! We have gone from a crabby baby every night to a happy 7 week old who sleeps thru the night after every adjustment! We also took our toddler to see her and he loved it so much he didn’t want to leave! Highly recommend!!”



“This place is AMAZING I couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor!!”



“She is a great doctor and I would recommend her to anyone!”



“The doctor here is awesome! The staff is really friendly and the doctor is willing to help in any way she can!”



“Great service and friendly staff. Very happy with the care I received!”



“Great atmosphere with a professional Doctor that is very personal. I would recommend stopping in and getting adjusted.”



“I recommend CDFC to my family and my associates. It is always a great experience, the Doctor is highly knowledgeable, She's my “go-to” when it comes to Natural Health advice as well as making sure I live a pain free life.”



“Wow. Beautiful place. First time there and she was great. Very friendly. I left there feeling good.”



“Finally a chiropractic office for my family! I have see other chiropractors and had painful results. The doctor is so gentle and caring. She has helped with nutrition and natural ways to heal from the inside out without a pill! The office hours are very convenient and the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Always ready to help. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“My travel schedule is just as unpredictable as my back and shoulder pain. With a recent rotator cuff surgery, Dr. Rhiannon initially sat with me to discuss the best course of action and treatment. The treatment she provided is second to none! Her availability is always convenient to my schedule. The whole staff makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I look forward to my visits knowing that I will be feeling better when I leave there. I highly recommend anyone with a sports injury or daily aches to visit her!”



“Hands Down! Great Experience with Dr. Rhiannon. She worked thoroughly through my case where I told her my headaches and insomnia were becoming too much to bear. She listened to what I had to say and asked questions and she described to me the nervous system and how it controls everything in our body sending messages from the brain down and out. She told me during my initial adjustment there may be some interference not allowing for the information to be received. I was thrilled to have learned so much while I was there. I am proud to say that I am sleeping 6 full hours a night and haven’t had the slightest headache since. I am so thankful for her care.”



“I have seen chiropractors in the past but have never seen results faster than with  Dr. Rhiannon. I felt a significant shift after my first visit. Their techniques are much gentler than those I have experienced in the past so I never feel jerked around. My mother sees them as well and isn’t interested in seeing anyone else for her chiropractic care. I highly recommend CDFC!”



“Dealing with severe back pain, I’ve had chiropractic care for several years now. Due to moving, I’ve had to change my primary care. I was referred to Dr. Rhiannon from a family friend, and was very pleased with my experience. The staff was both pleasant and helpful but most importantly, my adjustment was the absolute best I’ve ever received. I’m not one for writing reviews, but I feel this practice deserves the recognition. I am now a proud frequent flyer at CDFC.”



“Dr. Rhiannon is an excellent doctor who really take the time to empower you to make your own health decisions. The office is a great environment with friendly staff and convenient office hours. I highly recommend seeing her to have your spine and nervous system checked!”


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