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X-Ray Results

"If you want your body to be functioning at 100% your nervous system needs to be functioning at 100% with no interference”

Services Offered

Spinal Examination-  Comprehensive spinal examination with x-rays when necessary.


Gentle, corrective chiropractic adjustments:

  • TMJ

  • Sinuses

  • Shoulders

  • Elbows

  • Wrists

  • Hands

  • Ribs

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Ankles

  • Feet​

Pregnant Belly


Pregnancy is a trying time whether it is your first or fifth child.  You may have sought chiropractic care in the past for yourself, or maybe you're completely new to this health care paradigm. We are here to answer all of your questions and provide an environment that is fun and comfortable for the whole family while at the same time being specific and scientific to deliver your family the highest quality chiropractic care.


Why might you seek Chiropractic care during pregnancy?

  • Maintaining a healthy nervous system to be the healthiest for you and your growing baby!

  • Proper spinal and pelvic alignment during pregnancy not only help keep mom more comfortable, but can allow for an easier birth process and the potential for less medical intervention

    • Dr. Rhiannon has trained in the Webster Technique which assists in pelvic re-alignment to allow for breech babies to turn properly and timely

  • Benefits of Chiropractic care during prengnacy:

    • Helps mom be more comfortable as pregnancy progresses

    • Ensures optimal development of baby during pregnancy

    • Assists in ideal birth position of baby by proper pelvic alignment for mom

    • Decreased instance of intervention to birth plan

    • Improves recovery post-partum for mom

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